Middle and Senior School Swimming Carnival

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The 2018 Middle/Senior School Interhouse Swimming Carnival at Bayswater Waves was a fun-filled afternoon for everyone involved! 

Each competitor got behind their faction and wore their colours with pride; whether it was through a cape, costume or face painting. Each House tried its best but the traditional underdog House, Mungulu, came home with the win. They worked hard and they have been fighting for this for a long time. Shenton came a close second and Kennedy was third. All Houses tried their best!

The day was a fun experience for all involved, there were many parents that came to watch and to support their kids. It was a privilege to race and represent my House in my last year at Swan and I will miss all sports carnivals. I’m certain that most of the Year 12s who participated would say the same.

The overall attitude of the carnival was lively and beaming, it was a great afternoon to be a part of.


Jenna Klemm

Sports Prefect

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