Parent Session with Paul Dillon

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Teens, Parties and Alcohol – a practical guide to keeping teenagers safe.

The College is excited to invite parents to a Parent Session with guest speaker Paul Dillon. He will be speaking about teenage parties and the use of alcohol, and will give some practical tips and strategy suggestions.

When: Monday 18 September 7:00pm

Where: The Maali Mia

Cost: Gold Coin donation

Please register by 11 September at

Teenage parties provide young people with valuable opportunities to develop a range of social skills that they need to relate effectively with their peers. As they get older, alcohol is likely to become a part of these social gatherings and, unfortunately, things can go wrong. 

Using the latest research, this presentation will examine what we know about school-based young people, alcohol use and its use at parties. 

This parent session will provide some practical strategies and simple tips for parents who are considering allowing their teen to attend teen parties, helping parents to ensure their teens are as safe as possible.

The guest speaker, Paul Dillon, has been working in the area of drug education for the past 25 years. Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), he has been contracted by many organisations to give regular updates on current drug trends. He continues to work with many school communities across the country to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.





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