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Dean of Year 7, Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon has put together an update on the Year 7 Peer Support program and a word of thanks to our Year 10 Peer Leaders.

“Up until this point in Peer Support, students have been encouraged to respond with open thoughts to challenges and be optimistic about pursuing positive outcomes. This kind of thinking allows them to believe that new skills and strategies are beneficial and can make a difference to the outcome.

In Session 5 students discussed reflection as a way of taking responsibility for our actions and considering how we might alter them in the future. We redefine failure as the absence of effort, recognising that results simply inform us of the next steps to take. Students are reminded that perseverance is not a case of doing the same thing over and over. Persevering in any situation requires much effort, constant reflection and sometimes a number of strategies.

In our final session in Week 6 students investigated the skills of critical and flexible thinking. These skills allow them to gather information, brainstorm possibilities and think logically to plan and make decisions. This knowledge is transferrable and applicable to most situations in their lives during the school years and beyond.

The highly effective strategy of taking a break was also discussed this week. The world around us, even our own lives are moving so quickly and constantly. Our young people rarely have down time as they go from school to extra curricula activities then home to school work or to a part time job. Even when they seem to be sitting in one place they may be on computers or phones connecting with their friends. This constant stimulation can make it difficult for us to think clearly about effective and sensible ways to respond to and manage the challenges we face. It is crucial for your child to have an outlet, an activity they enjoy, to let off steam and gain clarity. This may be something simple, like walking the dog, kicking a ball, going for a run, reading, playing or listening to music.

I would like to thank the Year 10 Peer Leaders who have been willing to lead each Peer Support session with our Year 7s with the purpose to build connection within our school community as they continue to progress in Middle School.

At our year assembly the Peer Leaders were given a certificate of appreciation acknowledging the skills that they have implemented in the Peer Support Program.”


Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon

Dean of Year 7

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