Soccer Boot Donations

Found in: Swan News

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Do you have any soccer boots at home that your kids have grown out of? We would love to take them to Zambia on our next Impact Trip to Kantolomba village.

Many of the students at Light Up Ahead School in Kantolomba love playing soccer, but not all of them have shoes to play in. During our last Impact Trip, we noticed kids playing with only one shoe on, because they were sharing their pair of soccer boots with their friend (and the friend was wearing the other shoe).

If you would like to donate a pair of soccer boots, please drop them off at Student Services (Junior and Middle/Senior School) and the Swanmissions team will take them to Zambia on their next Impact Trip.

Please contact Mr Ray Hockley if you have any questions about the Kantolomba project or donations to Swanmissions.

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