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Many members of our College community are leaving a legacy through their support of a sponsor child at the Light Up Ahead School in Zambia. Please consider sponsoring a child today.

We established the Light Up Ahead School nine years ago in Kantolomba, Zambia. A village which experiences high rates of unemployment, HIV/ Aids (causing many orphans), malnutrition and illiteracy. The school is now attended by 250 students who receive a meal each day and have access to free education. Now there is a ‘light up ahead’ for the Kantolomba community through the impact of education on their children’s lives.

When I was a Church Pastor I had the privilege of conducting many funerals for people from all walks of life. The ones that stood out to me were those who left a legacy through the care and concern that they showed for others during their lives.

Do you also want to leave a legacy?

Sponsorship options

Choosing a sponsor child

All your sponsorship donations will go through Global Development Group (GDG) who enable us to have a charity status and provide you with tax-deductible receipts. GDG take 7.5% of all donations for administrative expenses, the rest goes directly towards helping your sponsor child.

It might cost you $7 a week after your tax refund, which you may not even notice, but the difference you will make in a child’s life will have a lasting impact both on them as well as their whole family.

Please consider sponsoring a child today.


Mr Ray Hockley

Head of Service Learning



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