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Fenceline theatre’s latest production Twice | A story about Love will hit the stage in Week 1 next term. Don’t forget to book your tickets!

Twice is an original theatre play written and directed by Fenceline Theatre Director Jane Hille.

It is a beautiful story about older people. People who have fallen in love, married and then lost that love, through a mismatch, illness or death. But loss, as it turns out, is the great life leveller. We all experience it and through pain, we learn about the choices life has for us. Some try to bounce back to whom they thought they were, some choose to close the door on life, shutting it out completely, while others still fight on for a chance to be finally seen and heard.

Twice is an intimate exploration into loneliness, separation, and forgiveness. It deals with themes of love, age and dementia, and the secrets we keep from one another. This play is a familiar story about our interconnectedness and longing for a chance to renew, to be loved and to find peace.

The play looks at the pain and struggle of rapidly progressive dementia for the sufferers and those that are closely associated with them.


  • Wednesday 28 July (Free Preview)
  • Thursday to Saturday 29-31 July (ticketed shows)

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