Just as no two students are the same, no two teachers or classrooms are the same. At Swan Christian College, it’s our teachers and staff who make our school the best start for your child. This begins with the confidence in our people to deliver a nurturing education and a wide choice of career pathways. One that’s grounded in contribution and fostered within a dynamic environment. This environment is our school community, one where true belonging has the power to amplify personal growth and unlock a student’s potential. When you belong somewhere like Swan Christian College, you feel safe to discover your purpose. It’s in this space where we find a student’s drive and give them the best start.


We offer a wider range of different career pathways for our students. With world-class facilities, a state-of-the-art theatre, devoted pastoral care, and a top-tier specialist trade school; our community of educators are committed to cultivating a new standard in holistic Christian education.

That starts by getting to know each child individually and carving out opportunities for them to discover the influence they wish to have on the world we all share.

These opportunities often begin within an academic framework, one that’s geared towards maximising a student’s options, but our approach to education doesn’t start and end with a grade.

This is where our holistic learning is shaped into programs and activities like our Service Learning Program, our Living Well Program, extracurricular clubs, and our online school which all cater to unlocking your child’s purpose.

A tour of Swan Christian campus will give you a real insight into the environment your child will grow alongside.


Award winning film director

Discovered his passion for film at high school

“The brilliant thing with Swan is that you are in a nice bubble of support. The facilities and teachers at Swan Christian College were just as good as those I had access to at university.”

Jordon Prince-Wright

Film Director

Doctor at Royal Perth Hospital with a Doctorate of Medicine from UWA

Nurtured his compassionate side in high school

“An education from Swan Christian College equips students with a well-rounded set of skills, underpinned by a strong Christian ethos. This education led me to not only where I am professionally in my life, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.”

Ben Edland


Track and field athlete on scholarship in USA

Inspired to pursue her dreams at high school

“During my time at Swan Christian College I was not the academically gifted type. I spent the majority of my time in sports or in the art department. The teachers and staff inspired me to uncover my passions and pursue my dreams while also challenging me to go for what I wanted.”

Alanah Yukich

Professional Athlete

Running a business turning over $4 million a year

Met his business partner at high school

“I didn’t know anyone at Swan when I started there and really didn’t know what I was getting into; however, the teachers had such a positive impact on me. They really helped me develop social confidence which led me to build a group of strong friendships – I even met now business partner thanks to my time at Swan.”

Craig Clark

Managing Director
Dorrington Plumbing, Gas & Electrical


We are all hearing about these unprecedented times and the way that the world is changing towards a ‘new normal’. These sentiments can feel diluted in their repetition; but what we know for sure is that with such big issues in the world at play, developing tomorrow’s leaders has never been more important.

As a parent, I love Swan Christian College. We moved to SCC because my child felt very unhappy at their previous school and didn’t want to go to school. Three of my kids attend SCC now and they all love it. They even say they prefer going to school than staying home during the school holidays! I believe if a child is happy at school everything else, like academic success, will fall into place. Each child is offered countless opportunities; if they want to learn an instrument or a trade, they can. I honestly love this school so much, it’s worth every cent. Best decision I made was to move my kids to SCC and highly recommend it to other families.

Mrs Eggleston

- Parent of children in Years 5, 8 and 9

Swan provides a focused education embedded with intelligent learning to allow our young people to thrive in this world. SCC provides a learning pathway that will create innovative and purposeful individuals that will have every opportunity of succeeding in life. The curriculum has a combination of great teaching and meaningful life application. Take the time to consider this learning institution. It may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Steven Luce

- Parent of children in Years 9 and 11

My two sons have been attending this college since Kindy. My wife Sharyn, and I have nothing but praise for the Leadership team and beautiful teaching staff that are totally committed to the education, support and welfare of our boys. We are amazed at the continued love throughout the school and the newly created community outreach program.

Andrew Murfin

- Parent of children in Years 7 and 8


We know that choosing the right school for your child is a big decision. This is why we invite you and your family to Swan Christian College for a tour of our campus.

You will meet our Principal, Dr Darnelle Pretorius, talk to our specialist staff and experience a portion of a day in the life of a student at Swan Christian College.

Families can choose to tour our Junior School (Kindergarten to Year 6) as well as our Middle and Senior School (Year 7 to Year 12) including the Swan Trade Training Centre. You are most welcome to bring along the whole family so they can experience Swan Christian College.

Some of the parents who attended our college tour said that they especially loved talking to our current student leaders who accompanied the tour and talked about what they love about Swan Christian College. Many parents were impressed by the atmosphere on campus and described our school as a ‘hidden gem’ in the Swan Valley.

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