Fee Schedule

2019 College Fees

At Swan Christian College we take the trust you place in us very seriously and we are constantly striving to improve the learning opportunities we offer each child; both formal and informal.

As we work with the SCEA CEO and Board to consider the needs of providing a quality education while at the same time being mindful that the economic climate in Western Australia continues to put our families under pressure, we have to consider carefully the fees we ask you to pay so that your child can attend Swan Christian College.

Please download a copy of the 2019 School Fees Schedule (PDF, 500KB) for a full listing of the 2019 school fees and details about payment plans and sibling discounts.

An accompanying letter by former SCEA CEO Neil David can be downloaded here

Thank you again for entrusting us with your child’s education and for the time you take to contribute to and be part of our community.


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