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Fenceline Theatre Company is Swan Christian College's school-based theatre that operates under the premise of creating ‘space for students to create’. The theatre company under the leadership of Jane Hille provides students and alumni with the opportunity to gain professional theatre experience.

Click here to find out about our upcoming productions, or click here to find out more about our past productions. To access Fenceline's website, with more photos and information, please go to https://www.fencelinetheatrecompany.com.au.


Performance Calendar

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For further information on any of these productions please contact Fenceline Theatre Company Director, Jane Hille fenceline@swan.wa.edu.au.

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Fenceline Theatre Newsletter | Issue 1 2018 (PDF Download: 4.9MB)

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Past Productions

2019 - A Midsummer's Night Dream


A modern, fresh and fun reinterpretation of the classic Shakespearean story of illusions, love and forest fairies, told in today's English. Directed by Jane Hille and adapted by Dr Carolyn Harper. 



2019 - The Book of Everything

The Book of Everything by Australian playwright Richard Tulloch, based on Guus Kuijer‘s novel, was performed by Swan Christian College’s school-based theatre company Fenceline Theatre and directed by Jane Hille.

Swan Christian College alumni, staff and parents made up the cast of the production which was set in post-World War II Amsterdam and told the story of a family as seen through the eyes of Thomas, the young son.

We are proud to announce that the cast of The Book of Everythinghas won the WA Emerging Artist Award at the 2019 Perth Fringe World Festival. This is the second Fringe World Festival Award that the theatre company has received after winning the Theatre Award at the 2018 Perth Fringe World Festival.


2018 - Dragon in the Mix

The Year 5 and 6 students worked very hard on this play. This was an exciting family-friendly story about a fairy tale that gets all mixed up because a Dragon is thrown into the mix. We also had a wicked Queen from Snow White and her mirror who couldn't find their right rehearsal space.


2018 - Godspell

What a great pleasure it was to work with so many talented students and staff. Major school productions require an army of people to bring them to fruition and Godspell has been no exception. This colourful musical production was defined by many things, not least of which is the magnificent sculpture designed and meticulously constructed by Mr Clive Smith. Reinterpreting Godspell for a contemporary audience set in the Swan Valley required a metonymic design that would symbolically represent who and where we are. Culturally and contextually relevant to our students and the wider community.

The show represented us, in a way, as Christians. It is the story of Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew, the messages Jesus came to share with us all, albeit 2000 years ago. The audience got to see young people using their God-given gifts and talents to share what is essentially our core belief.


2017 - ANYMAN (Fringe World Theatre Award Winner)

ANYMAN (produced by Fenceline Theatre in conjunction with Shalom House) dealt with the story of addiction from the perspective of men in rehabilitation – a topic that affects many in our community. It was announced the joint winner of the Fringe World Theatre Award and was very well received by the College community as well as the wider community. 


2017 - The Final Dress Rehearsal

“The Final Dress Rehearsal” was a funny little production about an amateur theatre group putting on a play and all is in uproar.


2016 - Antigone

A classic Greek tragedy written by Sophocles in 441BC. The 2016 Year 12 drama class re-interpreted the text into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic time and place. 



Friends of Fenceline Theatre is a group of parents, alumni, business supporters and theatre enthusiasts that generously supports the theatre company. This invaluable group of people provides front of house support for our productions, helps with set, prop and costume design, or simply helps us out financially.

If you are interested in supporting Fenceline Theatre (financially or by volunteering your time) please email fenceline@scea.wa.edu.au.


If you would like to find out more about the theatre company or would like to know how you can get involved, please fill in the contact form below or email fenceline@scea.wa.edu.au.

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