Secondary School

Spotlight on STEM 3 – Rube Goldberg Machine 

Stem Rube Goldberg Machines from Swan Christian College on Vimeo. 

This term the students in the Advanced Science program took on the challenge of building their own Rube Goldberg machine. The purpose of the exercise was to enrich their experience during their study of Physics regarding the conservation of energy.

The challenge was set for students to build a machine which completed a simple task through a series of energy transfers and transformations. The execution of such a device required meticulous planning, attention to detail and most importantly the determination to repair and rebuild repeatedly when the machine did not achieve the goal. 

It was uplifting to see all students take on this challenge wholeheartedly and as a result we were gifted with impressive projects. Upon reflection, the students were able to look past the difficulties they faced, appreciate their effort and celebrate their successes. On behalf of the Science Department I would like to congratulate the Advanced Science students on a job well done. 

Mr Matthew Potts
Science Teacher

Christian Union Camp 2016

Last weekend 29 students, five staff and five volunteers from YWAM (Youth with a Mission) enjoyed the 2016 Christian Union Camp. It was jam packed full of fun as well has having a deep spiritual impact on everyone involved.

The first night was an opportunity to serve the homeless, with the students preparing 200lt of soup for the Salvation Army. YWAM lead a bible study on 1Tim 4.12, "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity", focusing on the importance of faith. Friday night was capped off with a bunch of fun games that involved stuffing balloons into a tracksuit, becoming a human tank, Pictionary and pea shooting through a hoop.

Saturday was also full of exhilarating activities with a bike ride to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, canoeing games, op shopping for crazy outfits and a night of ten pin bowing (where the students had to wear their dress ups). Bible lessons were conducted by YWAM on keeping purity, and by one of our ex- students, Caleb Simmons, on putting your faith into action.

The camp finished on Sunday morning with a worship service lead by our Year 12 student Kaleb Friend, a devotion by Mr Hockley and prayer in small groups.

The camp was well received by all inolved, we really enjoyed the time of fellowship, activities and learning God’s word.

One of the students, Ronnie Dickenson said, “I really valued the deep and meaningful conversations you could have with everyone. Hearing people's testimonies, praying and reading the bible together. I also enjoyed activities that I wouldn't usually do, such as OP-Shopping and wearing flippers while bowling.”

Mr Ray Hockley
Head of Service Learning

Philippines Leavers 2 Leaders 

Leavers 2 Leaders gives Year 12 students an alternative to the traditional concept of ‘Leavers’ revelry. Instead it embraces the concept of servant leadership and exploring the world God has given us through acts of service and understanding.

The program exposes students to what life is like in a third world country and challenges them both physically and emotionally. These experiences allow students to grow as individuals in a safe environment and inspire them to make a difference in this world. Additionally, the work and programs the students complete make a real difference to the poverty stricken communities they visit, by funding and assisting with education, feeding, infrastructure, health, pastoral care and business projects.

The 2016 trip will run from November 19 – December. We expect the trip to cost $2500. This cost includes all flights and transfers, travel insurance, meals and accommodation, travel bags, team shirts and trip resources.

Past student teams have built homes and orphanages, run feeding programs that supply well over 5000 meals, established libraries, assisted with schooling, run medical clinics and helped micro businesses. The outreach program has had a profound impact on our students and the College community. Students grow in their understanding of the world and develop values of compassion, service and love that in turn positively impact on their peers when they return home. For more information please contact Ray Hockley on 9374 8300. 

Mr Ray Hockley
Head of Service Learning