College Notices

Landgate Celebrates International Women’s Day


Landgate celebrated International Women’s Day with a presentation by Michelle Sandford, a leader in the fields of information technology and innovation.  Several of our Senior School students attended the presentation along with representatives from the City of Swan, the Midland community and local businesses.

Mrs Sandford, a global information technology service delivery manager, describes herself as a technology evangelist and philosopher. She provided insightful advice to the students about being innovative and proactive when learning about their chosen fields.

Landgate encourages interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education through events like HackED, Landgate’s outreach program that introduces students to the power of location information.

Our students attended the presentation with the Principal, Mr Adrian Scott and Head of Science, Mr Aedan Lennon.

Swan Radio 

The weekend before school began, the Student Leadership Team were lucky enough to go on an overnight leadership camp where they came up with three big projects to set as goals for 2016. The most ambitious of the three was starting up a College radio station which broadcasts around the Senior School every third Friday at lunchtime.

The Leadership Team runs the radio station, but has students from every year involved. All students and teachers are invited to suggest a song, help set up, record a song or a segment. The station acts not only as entertainment but also as a platform for notices and College spirit to be spread around the school.

The station debuted in Week 3, and broadcast for a second time last Friday; both times the station was a big hit. It was great to see so many students laughing, enjoying the music and segments together.

Year 12 Student Leadership Team

Antigone Performance

The Year 12 ATAR Drama syllabus Unit 3 requires that students reinterpret dramatic text, context, forms and styles for contemporary audiences through applying theoretical and practitioner approaches. 

The Year 12 Drama class have taken Anitgone, written by Sophocles around 441BC, and reinterpreted it into a post apocalytic dystopian world, set in no specific time or place.

Antigone is a young woman, considered important within her society, who defies the laws of her state as they exist, to honour her faith and her family.

There will be two performances open to the public; on Tuesday 29 March and Thursday 31 March. Both performances are free of charge. 

Mrs Jane Lee
Drama Teacher 

Swan Super Soupers - Donations Required

Swan Super Soupers is an integral part of the College Community Service program. We still urgently require more people to make a monthly commitment to donate ingredients for the soups. Our next Super Soupers is Friday next week, which (for this month only) is part of the Christian Union Camp program.

Please email me if you would like to commit donate vegetables/ingredients to this very worthwhile cause.  You can read more about the Super Soupers program on the College website.

Please follow this link to see which ingredients still need a donor.

Miss Fabienne Clicteur
Super Soupers Coordinator


Swanconnect courses are now up and running for Term 1, and the Term 2 courses are open for registration. 

The 5-week courses in Woodwork and Metalwork will give participants basic and advanced skills that can be used at home to repair, fabricate or create pieces with the assistance of our qualified teaching staff. 

If you would like to enrol for one of the Open and Introductory Woodwork or Metalwork courses for Term 2, please go to the Swanconnect website