Extracurricular opportunities at the College

With a cohort of around 1500 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, the College extracurricular programs are wide and varied. Programs evolve depending on the group of students enrolled at the time, giving our students flexible extracurricular programs that meet their needs.

Swan Christian College offers a range of extracurricular programs including sporting activities, chess club, music, orchestra, bands, choirs, fitness club, STEM, tutoring, language clubs, Fenceline Theatre Company - the list is huge.

The extracurricular program at the College encourages our students to engage with their community so that when they leave in Year 12 they are active, confident young men and women with the world as their oyster.




Our state-of-the-art facilities and excellent resources mean that sport enjoys a high profile at the College, and we offer many opportunities for students both to participate and to represent the College.

Middle and Senior School Sport

Our state-of-the-art facilities and excellent resources mean that sport enjoys a high profile at the College, and we offer many opportunities for students both to participate and to represent the College.


Students compete in a number of interschool programs and our enthusiastic, supportive staff coach athletes in swimming, athletics, cross country, triathlon, kayaking, and a range of team sports including basketball, soccer, football, netball, rugby union and cricket.


We also pride ourselves on the strength of our teamwork - both on and off the field. While our sport is competitive, we believe that participation is what counts. Students are motivated to achieve their individual best while learning the values of teamwork and mutual encouragement.


Swan Senior School is a member school of the Associated and Catholic Colleges Association and School Sport WA, taking part in their annual events and being involved in regular team competitions. The College is also involved in other community events such as the Blackwood Marathon (a pentathlon team relay) and the Cycle 4 Change. Swan is also involved in the Champion Schools Equestrian event from which our students recently returned as the state champion school team. Apart from our involvement in inter-school competitions, College students regularly participate in inter-house sports that occur during lunchtime and after school. Whether students prefer to compete as individual athletes or a part of a team, there are a myriad of opportunities for participation at Swan.


Service Learning: Extracurricular engagement in the Community

A large part of the College’s Christian ethos is an emphasis on service to the community - both locally and overseas.  As our students mature and take on responsibilities, we believe they can step out and make a difference in other people's lives. 85% of the world doesn't live as we do.

Students also have fantastic opportunities to see where the money from their fundraising efforts is used, with annual mission trips to visit communities in Asia and Africa.

"Engaging students in the concept that we can make a difference in other people's lives, we actually can empower them to say that we don't have to sit in Australia and just look after ourselves. We take students on Impact Trips to Philippines and Zambia to look at what the world is like, so the students can see for themselves. If we have the space, we invite parents to come on some of the trips. It's fantastic – the parents that are most heavily involved in fundraising travel with the students and actually see where the money is going, the school that's being built in Zambia, and the children in the school." 

For several years now, students and staff at the College have been making soups for the homeless people of Perth. Super Soupers allows students whose gift is performing acts of service for others, the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the community. It is also an example to all students in the Swan Community that society needs a variety of philanthropic activities, including serving those less fortunate than ourselves.

Monthly the group makes about 200L of soups, namely Pumpkin, Potato-Leek, Corn-Celery, Cauliflower-Bean and a Vegetable-Lentil soup. Donations of supplies to prepare the soups come from the College community.


Extracurricular Planner

Current Swan Christian College parents and students can access this term's Extracurricular Planner via our parent/student portal SEQTA Engage (under 'Documents'). Prospective parents can download the planner via this link.