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Swan Christian College's First LEGO League

The First Lego League is a competition catering for upper-primary and lower-secondary school students. It is widespread in many schools around the world, there are 32,600 teams made up of 350,000+ students from nearly 80 countries.

The competition is designed to encourage and develop imaginative thinking and teamwork. Students are guided by teachers to research real-world problems and are challenged to develop creative solutions for the problems they have identified. They are coached and mentored to work collaboratively and ensure they are on track with their project.

As part of the First LEGO League extracurricular program, students in Years 6-10 learn about robotics, programming, teamwork, science, math and technology.

Swan's LEGO League meets weekly, currently on Thursday afternoons. If you would like to find out more information please speak with Mr Andrew Twine or Mr Mathew Woodbine or visit the First Lego League website here.


“I had a lot of fun programming and I also learned to work with my teammates to finish various challenges.”

 - Joshua M


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Swan Christian College's First LEGO League team was founded in 2016 and has competed in many annual competitions since.

  • In 2017, the team won the top Programming Award at the regional competition in Carramar.
  • In 2018, Swan Christian College's two teams competed at the regional competition at St Stephen’s School in Carramar, where both teams progressed to the State finals at Curtin University and one of the teams received an invitation to the National Competition at Macquarie University in Sydney. 
  • In 2019, Swan Christian College had two teams participate in the regional competition. Both teams attained wonderful results. One of our teams won the overall competition by coming first in the various categories!
  • In 2020, our teams progressed to the State Finals and participated at Curtin University.




2021 Challenges

2021: Robot Challenge

The topic of this year's challenge is Cargo Connect. The goal of this year is to safely and efficiently transport certain objects to their appropriate location or position.

Each year Denmark exports the Lego sets to countries that are participating in that year's Lego League Challenge. The sets contain the pieces that you need for building and coding. 


2021: Innovative Project

The Innovative Project has to solve a problem that is occurring in the modern-day. This year's problem is transportation. The Innovative team has to find ways to improve transport more efficient and safer.

The money would go towards the funding of transportation, shirts, registration, LEGO, and robots.

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