We believe that all people have unique ways of expressing their creativity.


At Swanconnect we can help you tap into your passions and develop your creative instincts while connecting with others in the community.


Swanconnect Short Courses are based around projects facilitated by experienced and passionate instructors in a state-of-the-art environment.  You can extend yourself and learn practical skills to apply in your daily life.


If you are a stay at home mum who wants to learn basic carpentry skills, a retiree who wants to learn how to weld, or someone who just purchased a digital SLR wanting to get the best out of their new investment, a Swanconnect course is a great investment for you to develop your creativity.

"I believe everyone is innately creative in their own unique way. Some people may express this creativity through photography, others through building a coffee table while others might enjoy balancing numbers.  All of these creative pursuits are valuable and help to bring order and meaning to our world.  At Swanconnect we believe everyone has a creative side and our goal is to give you the best opportunities to engage, learn, and create through our wide variety of short courses."

Mr Matthew King

Director of Swanconnect

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