Zambia Monday

Today we woke up at 6:30, ate brekkie and headed to school. … more

Zambia Sunday

Today we had a great sleep in until 8.00am then headed off to Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. … more

Zambia Saturday

We began our day walking to the orphanage - Child Care & Adoption Transit Home, down the road from our lodge. … more

Zambia Friday

Today at the school we taught the story of Jesus's death and resurrection to the Reception, Y1 and Y2 kids. … more

Zambia Thursday

Today was our first opportunity to teach the students at the Kantolomba school. … more

Zambia Wednesday

Today was a nice start, waking up at 7.30. We had breakfast at 8. … more

Zambia Tuesday

Our alarms went off around 4.30am. … more

Zambia Monday

Today began with an early morning start at 6am. … more

Zambia Sunday

Today I woke up and went to church which was very different. … more

2014 Zambia Blog - Saturday

We got onto the plane for an eleven hour journey to Johannesburg. … more

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