News and Events

Swan Best Speaker

Students participated in the Swan Best Speaker competition. Students were asked to prepare a persuasive speech on a topic of their choosing. … more

Book your tickets today

Grizelina’s Gift opens next week in the Maali Mia Theatre. Book your tickets today so you don’t miss out! … more

Australian Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to the 14 students who achieved a Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition completed online last term! … more

Junior School Fenceline production

We have been busy rehearsing our Junior School Fenceline Production for 2020 which opens on 11 and 12 November. … more

Diverse learning at Swanonline

Our Swanonline community is made up of a diverse range of students and families whose lifestyles are many and varied. … more

Living Well parent resources

As part of the Year 7-12 Living Well Program for 2020, we aimed to provide three parent sessions for our community. … more

Celebrating amazing talent

Students presented many items of varying styles throughout the night with commitment and skill. … more

Hospitality students train on-the-job

Year 11 Hospitality students had the wonderful opportunity to complete on-the-job training at neighbouring Oakover Grounds Restaurant. … more

ACC All-Stars Netball Competition

Year 10 student Boudene became the first Swan student to participate in the Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) All Stars Netball... … more

Upcoming events in Year 8

It will be a big term for the Year 8 cohort with Community Service Days in Week 6 (16-20 November) and a Team Challenge Day in Week 7... … more