News and Events

Interhouse Dodgeball

We decided to run an Interhouse Dodgeball competition where ten people from each House competed against each other in dodgeball matches. … more

Interhouse Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday 5 August, the Middle and Senior School will be holding our Interhouse Athletics Carnival. … more

Interhouse Cross Country Carnival

On Tuesday 23 June, the Middle and Senior School were finally able to hold our Interhouse Cross Country event. … more

Fame Junior Movie Production

The College‚Äôs Performing Arts department has been busily working on the Fame Junior production … more

Year 8 Science

Students in Year 8 Science have been discovering the fascinating realm that lies beyond what the human eye can see; the microscopic world. … more

Is who we think we are, who we really are?

Many of the students have approached these ideas with a sincere desire to understand and grow. … more

Special Lunchtime Treat

Junior School students in Bennett enjoyed a special treat at lunchtime this week to celebrate their House point achievement this semester. … more

Middle and Senior School Inter-House Visual Arts

Our College Visual Art Captain is calling all students to produce artworks that promote positivity for a Visual Art competition! … more

Inter-House Dodgeball

This term, for the first time, we decided to hold an Inter-House Dodgeball competition at lunchtime for all students in Years 7-12. … more

Year 12 Career Pathways

Swan Christian College caters for a range of career pathways to address the needs of our individual students. … more