News and Events

Introducing the Fenceline Theatre Company

The very first ensemble for the Fenceline Theatre Company has been selected … more

Family Breakfast on Friday

The Certificate III Hospitality students are once again excited to bring you Family Breakfast. … more

Quiz Night Big Success

More than 300 people filled the gymnasium on Friday night for what was an enjoyable and prosperous event. … more

Dance Competition 2017

Calling all Middle and Senior School students at Swan Christian College: Do you think you can dance? … more

Spotlight On Mr Andrew Raymond

Meet Mr Andrew Raymond – the new Head of Instrumental Music at Swan Christian College. … more

Visual Art Tour to Italy

Now is the time to register your interest in the 2019 Visual Art Tour to Italy. … more

Guest Speaker Challenges Parents

Melinda Tankard Reist spoke to parents about raising happy, healthy and resilient kids in our current world. … more

Great Year for Netball at SCC

With the end of the school sports Netball season approaching, it is time to reflect and celebrate the College’s netball achievements. … more

Have Fun Playing Music

Students are encouraged to join one of the College’s choirs and music ensembles. … more

Artwork for Sale to Support Missions

Award winning painting by Cherie Mongony open for biddings to support the Kantolomba project. … more