News and Events

2018 Leadership Camp

The 2018 Leadership Team met at the Swan Valley Adventure centre with the aim to develop their goals for the year, and to bond as a team. … more

The 2018 Charity Ball

The 2018 Charity Ball was a great success. The Year 12 students all looked stunning and we are excited for their year ahead. … more

Year 9 Drama Production

As part of their drama course, the Year 9s had the pleasure to perform the play “Cinders” for the students at Junior School. … more

Important Dates Jan/Feb 2018

Important dates for January and February 2018 … more

ANYMAN - The Story of Addiction

Book your tickets now. Our very own Ms Jane Hille has been working very hard on this play that is dealing with the topic of addiction. … more

Year 7 Student Thinks Outside the Box

We have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy and as part of our research task, I made a Pelton turbine and Stirling engine … more

Blackwood Relay Marathon

It was a cold and windy day as 13 students and five teachers left the College to race in the Blackwood Relay Marathon. … more

Augusta Adventure Race

It was a sunny but windy day as we left Swan Christian College at recess time to head down towards Augusta with 59 students (and 9 teachers) … more

Year 9 Transition

Last Wednesday was the culmination of the Year 9 Coming of Age program a symbolic handing over of the students from Middle to Senior School. … more

All School Triathlon

This year’s triathlon team was one of the strongest teams the College has ever taken to this annual event. … more