News and Events

Year 12 Camp

The Year 12 camp was a wonderful way to end the school year. … more

Bubble Sports

The Year 12s were invited to an afternoon of bubble sports to celebrate the commencement of their Year 12 studies. … more

Japanese Sport Competition

Throughout Term 4, our Year 7 Japanese students learned about Japanese sport and the language needed to talk about the sports they enjoy.... … more

Academic Scholarship Applications

Swan Christian College is offering an Academic Scholarship Program for students entering Year 10 in 2020. … more

Hiragana Karate Belts

This year in Japanese, the Year 5s began the Hiragana Karate Belt program. … more

Congratulations to Ciara

Please join us in congratulating Ciara (Year 6) on her outstanding sporting achievements. … more

The Book of Everything

Make sure to secure your tickets for Fenceline Theatre‚Äôs upcoming show at the 2019 Fringe World Festival! … more

Languages Ambassadors

Swan Senior Languages ambassadors welcomed their Junior counterparts at a celebration lunch gathering. … more

Sons and Daughters Dinners

The Year 9 Sons and Daughters dinners were held over two nights at Mandoon Estate. … more

Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

Earlier this month, 20 of our Year 9 students participated in the Adventurous Journey as a part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. … more