News and Events

Growing Character Through Sport

The Swan Meteors basketball team has provided fertile ground for students’ character growth throughout the many years that the team has... … more

A Joyful Celebration of Music

On Tuesday night of Arts Showcase week, the Mali Mia Theatre was bursting with both musicians and audience. … more

High Standard at Media Showcase

On Thursday night of the Arts Showcase week, Media students were able to present and screen the media work that they have created... … more

Outstanding Performances

On Wednesday night of the Arts Showcase week, Music and Drama from the Year 11 and 12 ATAR students were featured. … more

Inaugural Recipients of College Colours

At a recent College Assembly, the first College Colours were awarded to students. … more

Parent Session with Paul Dillon

Teens, Parties and Alcohol – a practical guide to keeping them safe. … more

Scitech Fundraiser This Friday

The College Fundraising Committee has organised a Scitech College Community Fundraising event on Friday 8 September. … more

College Orientation and Induction Days

Please pencil these dates into your Calendar if your child is entering Year 7 in 2018 … more

Places Available for Entry in Year 11 in 2018

At present, there are limited places available for students commencing in Year 11 in 2018. … more

Year 10 Work Experience

The relaunch of the Year 10 Work Experience has been a great success. … more