News and Events

Zoorific Zoo Visit

To introduce our ‘Zoorific’ theme in Term 1, the students in Year 3 visited Perth Zoo! … more

An Arrrghwesome Day

The Year 4 students went on excursion to the Western Australian Museum in Fremantle. … more

Junior School Eisteddfod

All students in Junior School from Years 2-6 who learn an instrument or sing in the choir are invited to enter the upcoming Eisteddfod. … more

Learning from our Elderly

Over the month of May the year six students will all attend an excursion to the Regis Aged Care facility. … more

Wonderful Worm Waste

The Pre-Primary children had a visit from the Wonderful Worm Waste incursion! … more

Year 2 Science Alive Incursion

The Year 2 classes were treated to a visit from Mick of the Science Alive program. … more

Multicultural Food Fair

To kick off Term 2, the Year 2 students held a multicultural food fair! … more

First Aid Education

Our Year 2 students were introduced to simple First Aid and were equipped with the confidence and ability to help in an emergency. … more

Science Experiments

The Year 6 students got together to learn about Chemical Sciences and study reversible and irreversible change. … more

10 Year Celebration Banquet

Please join us for a delicious three course meal and entertainment to celebrate 10 years of the Light Up Ahead School in Kantolomba, Zambia! … more