Principal's Message

Tod Bolsinger the Associate Professor of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary recently presented on the concept of “how... … more

Principal's Message

Kindness is a sought-after value and although widely promoted, is difficult to measure. Although there are many frameworks to address... … more

Principal's Message

A message from our Principal, Dr Darnelle Pretorius … more

Principal's Message

A message from our Principal, Mr Terry Eason … more

New Payment Schedule on Parent Lounge

New payment schedules are available for parents on Parent Lounge. … more

Principal's Message

I would like to especially welcome the new families and staff who have joined our College community this year. … more

Important Update to School Fees

Payment methods and direct debit schedules for school fees are now entered into Parent Lounge by parents via SEQTA Engage. … more

From the Principal

My sincere thanks to all parents who have entrusted students into our care during this time. … more

SchoolTV Report on Respectful Language

Proliferating the use of swear words can sometimes desensitise their impact on kids who may misunderstand the true meaning. … more

Building Relationships With Young People

How can we, the adults in their lives, create the empowered relationships that will achieve these aims? … more