Developing a Sense of Belonging in Students

In a recent article, Professor Geoff Masters (2023) identified two challenges for the reform of school education. Better preparing... … more

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Excellence in performance, medical advances, or success amid extensive opposition or dire circumstances all have this in common, the... … more

School TV Report: Blended Families

In the past, step-parenting has always had a bad rap. Throughout history, fairytales have often depicted characters by describing them as... … more

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At SCC, awe and wonder forms one of our Living Well themes. In our Christian Living classes, we are reminded that “the whole earth is... … more

School TV - Managing Screen Time

Many parents have reported excessive screen time as the number one health concern affecting kids, especially now in the hyperconnected... … more

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Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers”. Day one, 1 December, of the advent calendar written by Rob Furlong, senior pastor of... … more

Coping with Exam Jitters

Setting a schedule is vitally important. Students need to schedule everything from sleeping and eating, to studying and exercising. It is... … more

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Recently we welcomed our Year 7, 2023 students onto the campus for their Orientation Day. Meeting new families at the front of the... … more

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Tod Bolsinger the Associate Professor of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary recently presented on the concept of “how... … more

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Kindness is a sought-after value and although widely promoted, is difficult to measure. Although there are many frameworks to address... … more