Parent Resource – School TV

Have you made use of our College School TV resource yet? … more

From the Principal

As we approach the end of first semester, I was pleased to see that the Premier has decided we can move into Phase 5 which means no... … more

College Community Feedback

At Swan Chrisitan College we are committed to being an improvement focused school … more

Traffic Safety

We are expecting to complete this process and share these plans with you before the end of the year. … more

School Tv Special Report on Vaping

Although teens are not legally allowed to purchase e-cigarettes or vaping products in Australia, they are finding ways to access them online … more

From the Principal

My thanks to parents and students for the way you have all worked with the College this week … more

4 Benefits of School-Based Pre-Apprenticeships

Students in Year 10 can find themselves under a lot of pressure to decide what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. … more

Raising Girls

Raising girls in today’s modern world can be a difficult path for parents and carers to navigate. … more

Have a Blessed Easter

Let me wish you all a blessed Easter and a peaceful and relaxing holiday. I look forward to welcoming you all back. … more

From the Principal

It is a credit to the students I meet to see them engage positively and enjoy their learning each day. … more