Junior School News

Choral Singers Impress

On Monday 17 June over 250 students from five SCEA Junior Schools converged in the Maali Mia Theatre for a day of Choral singing. … more

Learning from the Elderly

Students from Year 6 visited residents at the Regis Aged Care facility to find out what life was like “back in the day”. … more

Cross-Cultural Pen Pals

The Year 1 students have taken the first steps towards pen pal friendships with students at the Light Up Ahead school in Kantolomba, Zambia. … more

Showing Love and Appreciation

Our students in Kindy A brought joy to the residents of Regis Aged Care as part of the Service Learning Program. … more

Pancake Fundraiser

The Junior School Justice League raised over $600 during their pancake fundraiser last Wednesday. … more

Wonderful Worm Waste Incursion

Our Pre Primary students had a fun and interactive Wow Day which featured a visit from “Wonderful Worm Waste”. … more

Multicultural Food Fair in Year 2

To kick off Term 2, the Year 2s held a multicultural food fair. … more

Mother’s Day

It was lovely to see such a wonderful turnout to the Junior School Mother’s Day Morning on Friday of Week 2. … more

Year 1 Wow Day

The Year 1s came to school with crazy, spacey hair ready to engage in a fun and informative SciTech Space Dome session and STEM task. … more

Mother's Day at Junior School

Don’t forget about our Junior School Mother's Day event this Friday. … more