Senior School News

Congratulations to Hayden

Year 10 student Hayden has become Australia’s youngest Licensed Pilot, on his 16th birthday! … more

Congratulations to Calum

Congratulations to Calum and his football team Bassendean J.F.C for winning the State Final. … more

Year 12 - The Last Day

The graduating class of 2019 received a fitting farewell at the College on Friday 20 September. … more

Congratulations to Ethan

Year 10 student Ethan competed at the Royal Adelaide Agricultural Show with impressive results. … more

Year 11 English

Students in the General English stream have stared into cardboard boxes this term…but for a wholly new and educational experience. … more

Congratulations to Jeremy

Please join us in congratulating Swanonline Year 12 student Jeremy. … more

Upcoming Year 11 Drama Productions

The two Year 11 Drama classes will be presenting extracts from Animal Farm and Dags. … more

Congratulations to Jasmine

Please join us in congratulating Jasmine (Year 12 Hospitality trainee) for winning the HGT- Taste of the Future competition. … more

Congratulations to Amy

Please join us in congratulating Amy on her achievements. We are wishing her best of luck for her upcoming competitions this year. … more

Congratulations to Georgia

Year 11 Student Georgia and her dance partner Coen competed in two National Championships and one State Championship last term, with... … more