Success at Swanonline

Studying online is a different style of learning. To achieve success students are ideally:

  • Organised
  • Effective with their time management
  • Communicative with their teacher and peers 
  • Interested and committed to their studies

Parents play a vital role in their children's education. With Swanonline, parents are connected to their children's education by seeing lessons, plans and assessments online.  It is their role to engage, question, enourage and support them. We strive to create an environment where everyone - students, teacher and parents - is connected. 

Technology Requirements

Students wishing to study with Swanonline need access to:

  • A computer  or laptop (Windows or Mac)
  • High speed internet
  • WebCam
  • Headset with microphone
  • Printer/scanner.

Stationery Requirements

In addition to the technical requirements, students will also require standard stationery items including exercise books, pens, pencils, ruler etc.  

Please refer to the Swanonline Booklists for further requirements.

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