Canteen / Cafe

Four years ago the Head of Swan Trade Training Centre at the time, Peter Bolt, with the support of SCEA, made a bold and innovative decision to be the first school to implement AiTC's hospitality program at Swan Christian College. This initiative has not only enhanced student learning but has had a positive effect on the whole school community.

The Café (Senior School Canteen) has established itself as the social hub of the school where students and staff intermingle during lunch breaks and enjoy the wide array of food on offer.  Parents and extended family members gather for special events put on by the school and the live food production days allow patrons to watch the hospitality trainees as they prepare a variety of dishes.  Some of the favourites include: the ever popular ‘Friday noodles’, the fresh pasta station and the wrap salad bar.  The Junior School Canteen is enjoying freshly prepared daily meal deals as a result of AiTC’s program which can be ordered online.

Chef Rob do Carmo, teachers and trainees have certainly played an important role in achieving the level of success attained thus far. However, the support of students, staff and parents combined is what is making the Café and Junior School Canteen the best they can be.  We hope to further build connections with the Swan community and look forward to seeing you soon.

Junior School Canteen Menu

2020 Term 2

Term 1 Menu (PDF download, 180KB)

Middle/Senior School Cafe Menu

2020 Term 2

Term 2 Menu (PDF download, 4MB)

Menus are cycled on a 3-week rotation.


Junior School Online Ordering Process

To sign up for Junior School Canteen online ordering, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up by completing the registration form at
  2. Receive a confirmation email with an activation link.
  3. Activate your account and login to the website.
  4. Add a student and select Swan Christian College as their school.
  5. Order whenever you like (up to four weeks in advance; before 7:00am on the day that you are ordering lunch for).

Once you have signed up, please follow these steps to order your child’s lunch:

  1. Select a student
  2. Select a date
  3. Add lunch items
  4. Confirm

Please note that you are still welcome to order your child’s lunch in person at the Junior School Canteen counter (this process has not changed).

Recess orders and orders for Middle/Senior School lunch cannot be ordered online yet.

If you are experiencing any issues with signing up, logging on or any other IT issues related to the online ordering process, please call QuickCliq’s helpline on 1300 11 66 37 or email