Learning with Technology

Through our Learning with Technology program, the College has developed a new technological environment to integrate learning at school and at home and personalising education for our students using current technology to help them thrive in a fast changing world.  This environment enhances and develops academic learning specific to individual students’ needs. Students from Years 5-12 participate in the Learning with Technology program.


Equiping students with 21st century skills

We believe that it is incumbent upon education to be at the forefront of technology and integration. As Professor Yong Zhao said: “Technology is not really a choice any more. It has infiltrated and changed our world so completely. In the 21st century economy and society, the ability to respond flexibly to complex problems, to communicate effectively, to work in teams, to use technology and to produce new knowledge is crucial.”

Improving student engagement

Our students have only ever known a world with Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and mobile phones with high speed Internet. Studies show that students report they feel like they are stepping back in time when they go to school (Moyle, 2010, p36). A student technology program provides the opportunity to help make education more relevant and engaging to students who have been raised on digital technology.

Enhance maturity and responsibility

The final significant objective of the student technology program is to use it as a vehicle to promote, and allow students to demonstrate, increased maturity and responsibility for their learning. As we demonstrate increased trust and expectations on the students by bringing technology into every classroom, we will challenge them to rise to be increasingly self-disciplined as they partner with the College in their learning.

We are under no illusions that technology has the opportunity to be a significant and easy distraction for a disengaged student, however, we also believe that it has equal potential as a tool of engagement and partnership. Students have the opportunity to partake in their learning, collaborate with their teacher and peers, and learn important life skills of self-discipline and focus. The College’s expectation will be on students to act responsibly with the technology at all times.