Policies and Reports

Annual Report

Our Annual Report gives an account of our student and staff profile and of our educational and financial performance for the preceding year.

Download the 2019 Annual Report here

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

The documenting and publishing of our Strategic Plan and our strategic intentions for the next three years has been a major focus of 2017. It has been very worthwhile to revisit who we are and document where we want to go next. It was a challenge to describe our identity with clarity and using concise language. In the end, we simply said: "We are a Christ-centred and student-centred school with a focus on excellence".

While there has been some discussion about using the word centred twice, I believe it describes what Swan has been and wants to continue to be.  We are Christ-centred, we are student-centred and we all seek to value the striving for excellence.

We also examined the strategies we wanted to implement in the next three years and we considered these in terms of our People, our Community and our Place; thereby acknowledging our responsibilities as “we seek to engage and grow the talents of all in our College, care for our resources and build our community for today and for future generations.”

Several working groups developed more specific action plans to guide us through the implementation of these strategies. It was encouraging to see staff, students and parents having input into these plans. To download these enabling documents, please refer to the link below.

We want every one of the children entrusted to us to soar on wings like eagles. Let us all continue together towards that goal.

Mr Adrian Scott



To download the Strategic Plan 2018-2020, please click here (PDF download).

To download our Pathways to Wisdom - Enabling documents, please click here (PDF download, 2.4MB)


Policies and Procedures

All College policies are regularly reviewed and available upon request. 

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