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Here we have instructions about how you can set up your Parent Lounge account on SEQTA Engage to access your family’s Parent Statements and manage your Direct Debit Fee payments below.

About Family Account

The Family Account portal on SEQTA Engage gives you access to your family’s Parent Statements and allows you to manage your Direct Debit payments.

Please click here to update your details (address, phone number, email address etc).

1. Access SEQTA Engage via engage.swan.wa.edu.au or the SEQTA Engage App (available for iOS and Android).

2. Log in using your SEQTA Engage login details.

3. Navigate to the menu and choose PORTALS.


5. Click on the blue “Parent Lounge” button at the bottom of the page.

6. The Parent Lounge login window will open in a new tab.

7. Enter your Username (which is the Account Number on your statement, also included in the initial email about Family Account).

To set up your password, click on ‘Forgot Password?’ (top right corner of the log in box). Please note that you will only have to follow Steps 7-11 once, or whenever you forget your password.

8. Enter your Username (refer to Step 7) and the email address that is on our College records as your contact email address.

If you are unsure about the correct email address or are having trouble with this step, please call the College on 08 9374 8300 for assistance.

9. Enter the Security Code as displayed in the CAPTCHA graphic underneath the Security Code box.

10. Click Save. If you entered your details correctly, you should now see the following window.

11. Follow the steps in the password reset email sent to your contact email address to reset your password. For ease of login, please base your new Parent Lounge password on your SEQTA Engage password.

12. Once you have successfully logged into Parent Lounge, you will see this welcome screen.

13. Click on School Fees Account under Accounts & Payments in the top menu (left-hand side).

14. Access Account Details and Statements. Look out for an email from the College in January 2022 for further details on setting up and managing your Direct Debit payments.

Please find below the steps on how to setup the paperless direct debit agreements.

If you have previously completed a direct debit agreement, please note that you will have to re-capture the information in the new secure environment. The previously submitted information will be confidentially destroyed.

To view your statement and set up your direct debit schedule, please follow the following steps:

1. Log in via SEQTA Engage, click on Portals > Family Account> and login to Parent Lounge

2. Click Menu Accounts & Payments > School Fees Account

3. Click Payment Methods from left menu and then click New Payment Method Button on right. Add your Payment Method (Bank Account or Credit card Details)

Note: Your banking details will be tokenised and your school no longer needs your banking details

4. Next step is to add a Payment Schedule. Select Payment Schedule from the left menu and click Add Payment Schedule button.

a. Select Pay Method from drop box

b. Select Payment Schedule (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly)

c. Select date instalments are to begin (dates have been pre-loaded with parameters that matches the paper based direct debit)

d. Instalment amount will be automatically calculated and will show you how many instalments you have left

e. Click on “save”

Congratulations, you have now successfully setup your paperless direct debit schedule.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the school.

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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