Welcome to Swan Worklink

Entering the workforce is an important step for students in helping them shape their future.

Students are able to discover their strengths, interests and talents whilst learning about employer expectations and different industries through workplace learning.

Current research shows that young people want to do work that is meaningful in workplaces that prioritise safety, support and communication.

Swan Worklink helps equip and support students who are on this journey and commit to ensuring students have positive experiences where they can learn in safe and professional workplaces.

I have worked in the areas of youth employment, training and development for 20 years and oversee the Swan Worklink team in providing our services.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Mrs Heather Pitman

Manager of Swan Worklink

Student Stories

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About The Program

Swan Worklink

  • Connects local employers to high school students who are wanting to gain industry experience as part of their learning journey
  • Supports employers in their role by providing helpful information and visits
  • Provides a high level of safety when placing students through WH&S and monitoring checks
  • Supports schools and colleges by providing custom services and ongoing communication

We want students to experience real work skills in a workplace environment. We believe that student work experience will help students engage with their studies and prepare them to flourish upon leaving school.

Our Mission

To build creative and beneficial links between industry and the colleges involved so that a greater understanding between the world of work and schooling is fostered in our region.

Developing positive relationships between our local businesses and colleges thus contributing to the growth of our community.

History of Swan Worklink

In 2022, Swan Christian College took charge of the Swan Worklink program. Previously known as Worklink – The Association of the Hills and Associated Colleges.

For 25 years, the Worklink program has serviced numerous schools and Colleges across the region, placing more than 5000 students in employment. The program is renowned for supporting various employers, students and Colleges.

Swan Worklink is proud to continue offering this support with the vision of growing our service base and connecting more students with their chosen industries.

Industry Types

What types of industries could I complete Workplace Learning in? Below are some possible options for your placement.

If you have something specific in mind just let us know!

  • Agriculture/Horticulture (includes landscaping/greenkeeping, garden centres)
  • Animal Care (includes animal refuge, vet clinics, equine)
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Working with Children (includes childcare, teacher assistant and special needs)
  • Food (includes butcher, pastry cooks)
  • Hospitality (includes cafes, restaurants)
  • Hairdressing
  • Information Technology
  • Medical (includes nursing, aged care, dental/doctors’ surgeries)
  • Trades (includes auto electrical, mechanical, panel beating, spray painting, electrical, building, plumbing. refrigeration and air conditioning, cabinet making, furniture making, roofing, tiling, welding, metal fabrication)
  • Office and Administration
  • Retail
  • Sport & Recreation (includes schools, recreation centres, gymnasiums, swimming pools)

Employer Testimonials

BAE Systems understands the importance of student work experience programs and is committed to providing these opportunities.

The Worklink program allows schools, students and parents a streamlined process with BAE Systems to ensure each student has a safe and meaningful experience attending the BAE Hawk Lead in Fighter workplace. Worklink has a very efficient well managed program that BAE Systems is committed to support into the future.

Graham Bertolini

Site Coordinator

We spend most of our lives working in some capacity or another, so it's no wonder that career becomes a very important decision as our students near the end of their school education.

Helping young people through the journey of finding their fit in the workplace is a huge part of them finding their place in life - that's why it's so important to me.

I know from my own experience that our view of "work" can get pretty dim or boring, so I'm all about demonstrating what it means to find joy in what you do.

The most valuable thing for me is to see a young person genuinely excited about the rest of their life - confident in who God made them to be.

Jack Wallace


It is so rewarding to be able to encourage young talent so they can see what is possible.

I look forward in continuing to support the Swan Worklink Program and provide opportunity for students who are keen to pursue creative endeavours.

Aaron Welch

Founder Director

We really enjoy having students come through for work experience and believe it’s a really important role that we can play as a business to help those few students work out what they may or may not want to do in the future.

We would be happy to host more students in the future.

Ben Sonsee

General Manager

How can I apply?

Student applications

Swan Worklink provide services to the following schools:

  • Schools within the Swan Christian Education Association
  • Carmel Adventist College
  • Helena College

Speak to your Careers teacher or apply now via our enrolment button linked above.

Enrolment Enquiry

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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