Welcome to Life at Swan!

At Swan, we believe in creating a community environment that is both supportive, inspiring, based on the foundations of our Christian values. We are passionate about helping our students reach their full potential, and we strive to make sure that every member feels like they belong.

We want you to know that you are part of our family and we are here to support you in any way we can. Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment so that each student can reach their goals.

We understand that school can be challenging at times, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We offer a variety of resources, such as our wellbeing team: counsellors, chaplains, psychologists and student services, as well as academic advisors to help you through any difficult times.

We hope that you take advantage of all the opportunities that come with being part of the Swan family. Our goal is to make sure that each student feels supported and empowered to succeed in their academic and personal pursuits so they can RISE: instilling our core values of Respect, Integrity, Spirituality and Excellence.

We are so excited for you to join us and become a part of our Swan family. Welcome!

Academic Aims of the College

Swan Christian College has a strong focus on academic excellence, balanced by a careful emphasis on relationships.

We aspire for our students to be engaged and motivated to become life-long learners, providing challenging learning experiences to encourage achievement.

As a College we aim to:

  • Challenge every student to reach the highest level of academic achievement possible for them.
  • Provide quality teaching across all academic areas.
  • Pursue excellence in teaching.
  • Encourage each student to search for knowledge and understanding.
  • Prepare students for further study and ongoing learning.
  • Develop deep thinkers with creative minds and responsible attitudes.
  • Expand each student’s level of literacy, numeracy and digital literacy.
  • Expose students to a range of valuable learning experiences.

Individual Learning Journeys

At Swan Christian College, we recognise that every child is unique. So why should their path to education be the same? We are helping our students find their strengths in a school environment that is supportive of each student’s individual growth.

Contained fully within the grounds of Swan Christian College, classes for our Kindergarten – Year 6 students are grouped in learning clusters with access to specialist facilities not usually available to primary aged children. With a comprehensive support network, students enjoy an opportunity to thrive and learn through a program that recognises their individual needs and learning styles.

It is the aim of the Junior School to establish firm educational, spiritual and emotional foundations, empowering all students to become adventurous lifelong learners.

Learn more about learning at Swan Christian College in Kindergarten – Year 6 below.

Students in Years 7-9 experience a learning environment that is positively challenging, engaging and rewarding. Teaching in our Year 7-9 recognises that early adolescence is a unique time of development during which we aim to grow young people in knowledge and wisdom.

We place a strong focus on relationships during these Middle years, nurturing a sense of identity, affirmation and belonging among our students.

Learn more about learning at Swan Christian College in Years 7-9 below.

Learning in Year 10 focuses on giving students the opportunity to get to know themselves, to get a first idea of the kind of career pathways available to them and to try out some pathways through work experience. From there, students can branch out in Years 11 and 12, finding support all along the way of their individual learning journey.

Swan Christian College offers multiple Year 11-12 pathways including General courses, academic ATAR courses, vocational Certificate courses (including the Certificate III in Hospitality) and trade courses at the Swan Trade Training Centre.

Learn more about our Senior School course offerings.

Students who would like to specialise before their final Senior years may be interested in our Sports Specialist Courses in AFL, Basketball and Netball in Years 9 and 10.

Sports Specialist Courses: AFL, Netball and Basketball

In these Sports Specialist courses, students are taught by qualified specialist coaches in their chosen sport. Students will enhance their understanding of game style, decision making and game analysis, and participate in competitions and interstate trips.

The courses endeavour to help students build resilience, establish critical thinking patterns, take risks and also develop skills to build positive, respectful relationships through the medium of their chosen sport.

Access our subject information booklets for Years 7-12 below.

Year 7 2024

2024 Year 7 Subject Information Booklet

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Year 8 2024

2024 Year 8 Subject Information Booklet

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Year 9 2024

2024 Year 9 Subject Information Booklet

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Year 10 2024

2024 Year 10 Subject Information Booklet

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Year 11/12 2024

2024 Year 11/12 Subject Information Booklet

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Enrich & Extension

Enrich Program for Gifted and Talented Students

Swan Christian College’s enrichment and extension program Enrich caters for gifted, talented and passionate learners and provides pathways for students to grow in their natural talents, excel and flourish.

In this space, they can feel safe to discover their purpose, find out who they are and develop the skills and confidence to know where they are going in their lives beyond school.

We strive for excellence in all areas and details of each program are available on request.

Enrich covers extension pathways for students in English Literacy, STEM, Sport, Drama and Music.

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