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College Awards

Welcome to Swan Christian College, a place where our values of RISE – Respect, Integrity, Spirituality, and Excellence – form the cornerstone of our vibrant community.

Our prestigious College Awards program celebrates and recognises the embodiment of these values in our students. We believe in nurturing the unique talents and achievements of each individual, inspiring them to reach new heights of excellence in academics, leadership, community service, and artistic endeavours.

Through these awards, we honour those who exemplify the spirit of RISE in their daily lives, fostering a culture of respect for one another, upholding unwavering integrity, nurturing spiritual growth, and embodying a pursuit of excellence in all they do.


2024 Booklists are available now

Our Year 7 to Year 12 booklists are now available and can be accessed by clicking the links to the PDFs below. 

We hope you find the information useful.

For further information regarding booklists please contact the College on 9374 8300.

Living Well

A safe and nurturing community.

It has been a particular emphasis of Swan Christian College to provide a safe and nurturing community that encourages students to respect themselves and others.

Swan Christian College’s wellbeing program Living Well encourages mindfulness, exercise, and other stress-busting strategies, while also providing additional mental health resources and information for parents to access as they help their children through the rapidly changing social fabric and the stresses of teenage years.

The Living Well program delivers strategies and a better understanding of our changing world to our students and will actively focus on preparing our students for life beyond school.

Bus Services

Public Transport Options and Private Bus Services.

The College is serviced by several Transperth buses, School Bus Service buses (SBS) and private buses, making it easy for students to travel to and from school via bus and train.

It is advised to plan your school route no more than two weeks out from the start of the gazetted school term using the Transperth Journey Planner. Services often change at the start of the school year. Journey planning less than two weeks out ensures you receive the most up-to-date information.

To make the transition to public transport options as easy and safe as possible, Transperth has put together a website which contains everything that parents need to know to help make your child’s move to independent travel as simple and stress-free as possible. Please visit Get on Board to access these resources.

Learning With Technology

At Swan Christian College, we are passionate about the Learning with Technology (LWT) project and excited to provide students with the opportunity for more personalised learning.

Through our Learning with Technology program, the College has developed a new technological environment to integrate learning at school and at home.

This environment enhances and develops academic learning specific to individual students’ needs.

With access to technology both at home and at school, this program enables each student from Year 5 to Year 12 to experience individual, differentiated learning.

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

Enrolment Enquiry

Swan Christian College Alumni Registration


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