Principal's Message

Negotiating Our Carpark in Peak Hour

As you negotiate the carpark at pick up and drop off times, I would like to ask that you consider the role of crosswalk attendants. … more

Keeping Our Children Safe

Ensuring that our College is a safe school for our children is of paramount concern at Swan Christian College … more

Welcome to Term 2

I hope students have enjoyed themselves in the 1st term holiday break and prepared themselves well for study in the new term. … more

How should parents respond when their child has an issue at school?

I am concerned at what seems to be an increased level of parental anxiety being evident in our College. … more

Welcome Back

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and are enjoying the summer weather. … more

Have a Blessed Christmas

As I write this final article for 2018, we, the community, are preparing for what have evolved as Christmas Day traditions. … more

Keeping The Family Healthy

I read an interesting article recently describing the small measures that could be used to help keep a family healthy. … more

What if Your Child Doesn’t win a Prize?

As the season of awards ceremonies approaches, it’s useful to consider how to respond when your child doesn’t receive a prize. … more

Travelling the world without leaving home

Not every family can take time off or afford to travel the world, but we can all teach our children to know and respect the geography.. … more

Year 12 Farewell

Tuesday this week was both a day for celebration and a sad day for many of us as we said farewell to our 2018 Year 12 students. It was... … more