Principal's Message

Why is Learning and how to Learn Important

In a world where the greatest certainty is change, why is learning important? … more

Solving Your Own Problems

How do we find middle ground between intruding too much on our children’s lives and denying them the chance to solve their own problems? … more

Regular Absence Has Long Lasting Impact on Learning

A new report suggests that many kindergarteners and preschoolers are missing nearly as much as older students. … more

June Open Meeting

Our first Parent Open Meeting with our new Parent Committee, was an informative and enjoyable one for those who were able to attend. … more

Students Who are Late to School and How it Affects Their Learning

I am concerned at the number of students who are presenting as chronically late for school, and we also have many who are missing... … more

Now we are as close as your phone!

I am delighted to announce that Swan Christian College has a NEW school App!!! … more

Recognising and Valuing the Contribution of Christian Schools

“Australians value choice, and todays parents are prepared to pay for an education if they feel it will align more closely with... … more

Teachers and Parents Working Together, Better

In recent years, we have heard lots about how we need better teachers in our schools... … more

Open Parent Night

Wednesday 30 March at 6:00pm will provide an opportunity... … more

Helping Your Child with School

Now that the school year is well under way... … more