Japan Tour - Day 7: Transfer to Kanazawa and sightseeing - transfer to Kyoto

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To catch the 8:16 train from Yudanaka station to Nagano, we needed to be up early. We packed our bags and prepared them for being sent ahead to Kyoto. We had an early breakfast and headed out, travelling was going to be the order of the day. Sensei Knoblich had thoughtfully broken up the potential 4 hour direct journey with a sightseeing stop in Kanazawa where we toured some of the more popular sights. These included an old geisha house and an old samurai lodge (both very well maintained from the era). From here we returned to Kanazawa Station where we proceeded to travel to Kyoto. Finally arriving at our hotel just after 7 pm, we briefly settled in our rooms and went out for dinner. A long day of travelling came to an end as we all returned to the hotel for some rest.
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