Happy Father’s Day

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Our Head of Christian Culture Mr Matthew Lovell has put together a blog post about Father's Day and being a good father. The blog post is part of our student well-being blog published twice a term. 

Happy Father's Day

By Mr Matthew Lovell, Head of Christian Culture

With the first weekend of September just around the corner, it will soon be time to celebrate Father’s Day again. Since the early 1900s people in communities around the world have been taking time out to show appreciation for their father or the father figure in their lives.

I love receiving home-made gifts from my four beautiful children, and it is wonderful to share a special meal with them. But on Father’s Day each year I’m also reminded of the great responsibility that comes with being a dad, a job that demands my attention 365 days a year.

I’m guessing most of us would have some pretty clear ideas about what we don’t want to be when it comes to being a dad. While that can be helpful, it’s only half the picture – we also need to have a clear picture of what we do want to be! As you reflect on the past year of being a dad, perhaps like me, you’d like the next twelve months to be just that little bit better? The great news is there’s currently a surprising amount of research being undertaken into parenting, as collectively we try to understand what it means to be a dad in our modern world.

One such helpful resource for dads I have come across in recent years is called The Fathering Project. The project’s website is loaded with ideas and activities for dads wanting to improve the quality of relationship with their children. Perhaps one of the best things about The Fathering Project is that it continues to draw on the latest research from around the world. Check it out at http://thefatheringproject.org/

Unfortunately, however, it appears there is no quick and simple way to be the perfect dad. Being a good father takes time, energy, planning and commitment. None of these happen by accident.

As we approach another Father’s Day can I encourage us all to enjoy the presents, appreciate the food, but above all to stop and think – how can I be a better dad this year?

Mr Matthew Lovell
Head of Christian Culture

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