Japan Tour - Day 4: Transfer to Yudanaka

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Monday morning saw us pack up our gear and head to Yudanaka - away from the busy city life to the more scenic and calmer country culture. To get there though, we needed to utilise our Japanese Rail Pass, allowing us travel on the Shinkansen (a.k.a bullet train). The trip was a breeze, racing through heavily built up areas, through farm land and exquisite scenery before landing us at Nagano Station where life goes a bit slower. From here we caught the local train, allowing us a bit more of a released view of the surrounding countryside before landing us in Yudanaka. Here we saw our first real snow of the trip (up close at least) as we trudged a cool kilometre to our hotel in the late afternoon. We settled into our rooms and unpacked a few things before heading out into the cold to the coin laundry and a wonderful dinner to wrap up the day. 
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