Computers Then and Now

Found in: Junior School

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Year 1 have spent this term learning about the ‘Good Old Days’. On Tuesday, 26November we had our local Swan Christian College ‘computer expert’ (ICT Site Representative), Mr Jayes come in and talk to us about computers in the past and present.

We prepared our wonderings and questions for him. Mr Jayes showed us pictures of his first computer and the very first computer made. He brought computer parts from the past and present for us to handle and he answered every one of our questions. The Year 1 students and the teachers were thrilled to learn so much.

Here’s some things the students said at the end of Mr Jayes presentation:

“I learned that the first computer was as long as three classrooms and as heavy as three cars.” -Aidan.

“I learned that bugs used to make their nests in the first computers and they would stop working. People had to get the bugs out and this is where the term ‘debugging’ comes from.” - Lachlan.

It was a wonderful morning of learning! Thank you, Mr Jayes.


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