Hands-on Mathematics learning

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 4s and Year 6s attended an incursion by World of Maths – a world where solutions only appeared when mathematical thought was applied. But this wasn’t a class of sums and writing – it was a hands-on, trial and error, work with your team class.

As solutions were reached in one area, students moved on to explore another part of this new world. Most students were drawn to the ‘chain challenge’ and were loathed to leave without solving it, so that other teams could investigate. (This is one challenge that can easily be done at home, with string instead of chain. If you are keen to try – just ask your child.)  The variety of areas to explore meant that there were opportunities for each team member to apply their skill – for some it was spatial awareness, while others could lead in thinking ‘outside the box’.


Some comments from the Year 6 students:  

  • “The thing I liked about the Math World is that it helped me learn more about Maths”
  • “The Maths incursion was a WONDERFUL experience because it really made me use my mind and knowledge! It was amazing”
  • “I really enjoyed the chain exercise and had a lot of fun and laughs, even though I didn’t get it I still enjoyed it”
  • “I enjoyed the first game that we did together (warehouse) because our team worked together. It was honestly a lot of fun”
  • “I liked this activity and the part that I liked the most was working as a team / group to solve the challenges”.


Thanks Math World – we look forward to exploring you again in the future.

Mrs Moreen van Schalkwyk

Numeracy Coordinator

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