Incredible Inventions

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 2 WOW Day was a creative, fun and inventive day!

We had a Loose Parts Nature Play incursion on the oval as part of an introduction to this term’s topic 'Incredible Inventions'.

The students have been learning about how children can be inventors too and how everyday items can be used to create something amazing. In class, students read a story called "Wendel's Workshop" by Chris Ridell where the inventor uses items from his junk pile to save the day. 

The students all had a wonderful time exploring and using their imaginations. They were able to create some inventions including a water pump, a tank, a swing chair and, most popular, a mode of transport using a green wheelie bin. 

The children were able to make links from their own creations to how God has created each and every one of us unique and special, as well as how God has created all things.

“He made heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them. He keeps every promise forever.”-  Psalm 146:6 

Miss Sally Bampton

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