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On 26 July the Junior School Justice League, a voluntary lunchtime group for Year 5s and 6s, went on their first excursion. The day consisted of gardening for an aged pensioner in partnership with the People Who Care organisation, and a tour of Good Sammy’s warehouse.

The students worked enthusiastically, pulling weeds, raking, sweeping and washing windows. The tour of Good Sammy’s was also very insightful as we learned about how they are providing jobs for people will disabilities through the sale of donated goods.

Our hope is that through this excursion and other Justice League activities, the Justice League members will grow a heart for service and a deep desire to make the world a better place.

Below are a few reflections from students who attended the excursion: 

“The Justice League Junior went to a pensioner’s home and did gardening for about an hour. It was hard work and we found some huge weeds in the gardens! We also went to the Good Sammy’s Industries Factory and saw firsthand how they could make stuff from the craziest things that came from their yellow bins. Getting to help other people in need made me feel like I can contribute to the community and make a difference in the lives of other people.” -by Matthew B

“I want to be part of the Justice League even more now and look forward to going on more excursions. My favourite activity was the gardening that we did. Basically, all I can say is it was amazing!” – by Bridget S

“When we went to Good Sammy's I was amazed by how much stuff people donated and how much people care. It makes me want to do more to help people in need.” - by Tasmin W

“I cannot believe the difference you can make to a garden in one hour and it really touched my heart. I also cannot believe how many people with a disability Good Sammy’s help in WA.” - by Hamish T

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