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Please read the following notices regarding Junior School drop off and pick up, early pick up arrangements and Junior School assemblies.


Drop off and pick up

Thank you to all parents for your willingness to assist with managing our school drop off and pick up each day. I have really appreciated the way parents are following our requests to remain out of the school buildings until 2:55pm in the afternoons and only come as far as the verandas or the covered area when dropping children off in the morning.

Our actual vehicle drop off/pick up zone remains pretty busy and my morning duty has revealed that perhaps Grandparents or other family helpers are not quite across our expectations. Visitors may not read newsletters and know many of the details around this zone. Parents are urged to remind or inform anyone dropping of children via the Junior School drop off zone that all youngsters are to exit vehicles on the left hand side only and where possible have ready access to bags. I also ask that those doing the school run refrain from getting out of vehicles unless necessary. Big hugs and farewells could instead occur when leaving home. Lastly in the afternoon, the pick-up zone is perhaps not the place to be entertaining children’s spontaneous play date arrangements.


Early pick up

Junior School parents who have need to collect children early from class are requested to ensure that they give advanced notice wherever possible. Please let teachers know via an email if you can and if this is not possible attempt to make contact with the Junior School Student Services as early as you can. It is important to allow at least fifteen minutes for staff to gather students from various areas around the College, particularly on sport, drama and assembly time slots.

Thank you.


Junior School assemblies

Thank you to the parents of Year 3 who joined us this week for assembly. We were very excited to be able to have a small live audience for the first time in quite a while.  

Despite some technical challenges, the students under the guidance of their teachers, presented a great assembly, showcasing their learning this year. Parents visiting beautifully respected the physical distancing requirements and by recording the assembly we were able to share with the entire Junior School as well as the parents of the Year 3 classes.

Two further year group assemblies are planned for Term 3.


Mr Scott Puzey

Head of Junior School

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