Our spidery friend

Found in: Junior School

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1B has a pet wolf spider in their class called Paul George (PG). The students have been observing him, asking great enquiry questions and finding answers.

For example:

Q: “What is the spiders bottom called?” A: “His abdomen.”

Q: “What are baby spiders called?” A: “Spiderlings.”

Q: “Is our wolf spider poisonous?” A: “Yes, but his venom isn’t lethal. Which means he can bite us but not kill us! We are happy about that!”


Learning is fun with Paul George. He helps students learn Science, grammar, writing and research skills.

The students found out that he has eight eyes for seeing, claws for hanging upside down on sticks and climbing vertical surfaces, and big fangs for injecting venom into his prey.

He loves to hunt and eat crickets, but he doesn’t spin webs.

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