Student Leadership Fun

Found in: Junior School

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The Junior School Student Leadership Team has been very busy last term, organising lunchtime activities for the Year 1-6 students.

“We started by organising a tunnel ball competition for the Years 1s, 2s and 3s in Week 6. It was a blast and a huge success and it was great to see so many students turn up. They worked really well together, and enjoyed participating and winning points for their faction.” - Ava R, Community Leader

“In Week 8, we organised a sand art where the students used coloured sand to create decorative pictures. Each year group were given the opportunity to attend at lunch time. It went really well and everyone enjoyed it. It was great to see how everyone got involved in the activity and followed the instructions well. Despite it being messy it was a fun activity which all the kids enjoyed. Some of the kids enjoyed it so much they wanted to do another one the next day!” - Addison B, Music Leader

“Also in Week 8, the Year 4s were invited to participate in a lunch time event called ‘Do it, Dodge It’ where they played a game of dodge ball over in the high school gym. It was a huge success; students worked well as a team and enjoyed playing with their fellow peers. In Term 3 we will give the Year 5s and 6s the chance to participate. A special thank you to Mr Negrulj and Mr Harris who helped make this event work.” - Jorja B, Mungulu House Leader

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