Trillion Trees Excursion

Found in: Junior School

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The Year 4 classes had the opportunity to go on a service learning excursion to Trillion Trees, a nursery not far from our school.

Trillion Trees in Hazelmere is more than a nursery though, they have partnered with the likes of Wildfire Conservation Society and other agencies to help end deforestation and restore tree cover around the world. 

Working in small groups we made our way around three activities that were not only educational but fun!  Students learned how to prepare good soil for planting and were able to plant some flowers.  They created their very own insect palaces which they were able to take home so that they could care for their own insects (sorry parents). The last activity allowed students to help out in the nursery, like many others who volunteer their time do. 

While in the nursery, our students sorted some young trees growing from seeds and we also helped remove some seeds from Kangaroo Paws (Anigozanthos) so that those seeds could be planted at a later date.

Mrs Kristy Sonneman Smith
Year 4 Teacher 

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