Year 1 Visit from Scitech

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The Year 1 students recently had a visit from Scitech as part of their WOW Day to launch our new theme, Earth Experts.

The students were taken on a journey inside a giant dome, exploring the day time sky as it made exciting changes into night. Together they made observations about features in the sky, such as the stars, moon and sun. They had fun answering questions such as "Why do we have day and night?", and were excited to have their questions answered by our amazing expert visitors from Scitech.

Here are some of their questions and answers after the visit from Scitech:

Emie 1A:
Q: “Why is the sun bright and the moon not bright?”
A: “The sun is a fireball and the moon is a rock.”

Jak 1A:
Q: “How do the sun and the moon move?”
A: “The world moves around, and the sun and moon are part of the world.”

Ella 1A:
Q: How does the sky change colour?
A: “The colours change as the Earth moves around.”

Chloe 1B:
“Why is the sky blue?”
A: “The sky is all colours but we only see blue because the other colours are absorbed by gases like nitrogen.”

Eli 1B:
Q: “Why is the Milky Way called the Milky Way?”
A: “Because it looks like a cup of spilt milk.”

Following their adventures in the space dome came a fun-filled workshop, allowing opportunities for students to work together to use household objects such as cups, straws and pegs to build a space house strong enough to protect their astronauts from windy weather (caused by a hair drier!) It was great to see the students working as a team and problem solving!

Miss Alycia Stallo and Heidi Wyllyams
Year 1 Teachers

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