Year 2 Science Alive Incursion

Found in: Junior School

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Last Friday the Year 2 classes were treated to a visit from Mick from the Science Alive program.  

All eyes were on Mick as he looked at the amazing properties of water and how it appears in different forms. Students were spellbound as Mick created miniature clouds in a bottle, made water run upwards on a sheet of paper, and blew giant bubbles that could rest on his hand without popping!  The big finale even got students involved as they took turns adding different chemicals and materials into a clear box of water to show how pollution affects the Swan River and why we should be responsible with our water usage. 

Every student left the experience with some new knowledge about water and enjoyed seeing how science plays a part in our world’s water.  There is more information on the Science Alive program at

Mrs Moreen van Schalkwyk
Year 2 Teacher

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