Year 2s Design Nature Play Spaces

Found in: Junior School

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As part of Design Technology in Term 4, the students in Year 2 were tasked with designing a space that would increase Nature Play in the school. We were so impressed with the creativity and details that shone through.

They were provided with clear expectations of what had to be included, for example, animals, vegetables and fruit trees that can be harvested. With that, they were off! First with planning what they would include, how it would look and what they would use to build their design. Once this was finished the fun really begun with the students being let loose to build their design.

Students from Year 2 visited Mrs Trew’s office and pitched their ideas, clearly explaining their ideas and reasons for adding animals and materials. The dioramas that they had designed and built themselves were very detailed. Students spoke confidently about their ideas and were able to consider further improvements to their current designs.

Well done Year 2!


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